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Camping Trailers


Camping Trailers


Trailer Upgrades

Trailer Upgrades

from 245.00

Smittybilt 8'x6' Awning

(Outpost and Outpost XL can accommodate 2 awnings and Base Camp can accommodate 4)

20lb Propane Tank

20lb propane tank with heavy duty clamping mount (1 per model)

5 Gallon Water/Fuel Jugs

Two 5 gallon water/fuel jugs with filler hose and heavy duty lockable mount (1 set per model)

Smittybilt Overlander XL Tent

Smittybilt Overlander XL Tent (Only available for Base Camp)

Road Shower 10gal

Mounted Road Shower 10gal solar Shower (Available on all models)

Full Bathroom

Fully enclosed 3ft x 7ft bathroom with powder-coated aluminum walls and lockable RV door. Includes: Battery operated Dry-Flush toilet, 32" fiberglass shower, 10 gallon Road Shower, Two additional LED lights. (Available on Outpost XL and Base Camp)

Trailer Upgrades:
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